From the recording All These Years Later

Written By Jim Oliver
Produced by Chris Cangeleri

Gus Saint Angelo: Sax


You gave me your hand
I gave you my word
It's all that we had at that time
I said I'd be yours
For the rest of my life
You said that you'd always be mine

All these years later
I know what I heard
And I never doubted
That you'd keep your word
All these years later
Others drift apart
If we get any closer,
We could share one heart
All these years later.

Life rolls slowly past
Twisting and turning
Always a bump in the road
Your love keeps me strong
The fire's still burning
Togetherness lightens the load.

All these years later
I know what I see
Family all around us
Built by you & me
All these years later
Love respect and pride
Passion pain and purpose,
Nothing left to hide
All these years later.

Declarations of our love
Generations of our blood
Inspiration from above.