1. Wave The Flag

From the recording Wave The Flag

Written by Jim Oliver
Produced by Chris Cangeleri
Chris Cangeleri: vocals, guitars
Lenny Rocillo: bass
Tom Huber: drums


You were the last I’d expect to wave the flag man
What happened to the long hair playing in a rock band?
Hot shit, free spirit, peace-time hideout
Look in the mirror, tell me what you find out.

We all know your reasons are far less noble
Than running to the aid of a country in trouble

So let’s tell the world where our fighting men come from
They come from the city and the suburbs and the small towns
Fresh outta high school, girlfriends in prom gowns
Looking for some answers, getting only put down.

Have you traded in your dreams
For some boots and khaki greens?
Or was this just a breather on the way?
I can tell you how it seems
But only you know what it means
Will you live to play another day?
Will you live to sing and play another day?