From the recording Pick 'Em Up & Dust 'Em Off

Written By Jim Oliver
Produced by Chris Cangeleri

Jim Oliver: acoustic guitars & vocals
Chris Cangeleri: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, vocals
Rich Coyle: keyboards
Eddie Quigg: Drums


I wake up to the sound of a bird
Singin’ outside my window
The sun is bright and a warm breeze blows in
From the Great South Bay
We could stay right here, crack an ice cold beer
Kick back & watch the grass grow
‘Cause it’s another perfect L.I. summer Sunday.

Or we could head out east & taste some wine
Pick fresh grapes right off the vine
Eat a picnic lunch, with a homegrown bottle of chardonnay
Or hit Port Jeff & just walk around
Baby, watch the sun set over the sound
‘Cause it’s another perfect L.I. summer Sunday.

It doesn’t matter….. Which way you drive
Nothing is out of reach
If you ask me, my favorite place
Is right here on this beach
So call your boss & break the news
There’ll be no work on Monday
‘Cause it’s another perfect L.I. summer Sunday.

We could drive on up to Woodstock
Or take a train into the city
Take a ride to Montauk
Let the lighthouse guide our way
As long as we’re together girl
This island, sure looks pretty
It’s just another perfect L.I. summer Sunday.