From the recording Pick 'Em Up & Dust 'Em Off

Written by Jim Oliver
Produced by Chris Cangeleri

Chris Cangeleri: vocals, guitars, bass
Steve Ronsen: lead guitar
Rich Coyle: keyboards
Eddie Quigg: drums


When I was young I loved Ginger and Maryanne
I dreamt of Jeannie every time I had the chance
Wrangler Jane always looked so fine
In her pony tail and cowboy had
I said “when I grow up
I’m gonna get myself a girl like that.

The girl next door was a little bit older than me
From my front porch she was pretty as pretty could be
I loved it when my folks went out
And Connie came & baby sat
I said “when I grow up
I’m gonna get myself a girl like that.”

A girl like than can’t be hard to find
I see them everywhere I go
I know it’ll be just a matter of time
‘Til find the one who looks just like the one
I loved so long ago

So it ain’t as easy as I figured it was going to be
I look at them but nothin’s looking back at me
I can grow a beard or cut my hair
I need a new plan of attack
As it stands right now I’ll never get myself a girl like that


I met a girl online who said she looked just like Shania Twain
But when I picked her up she didn’t really look the same
I said “you’re a little short and a tad robust,
You didn’t really tell the truth.”
She said “If I looked like her
What the hell would I be doing with you?”