1. Two Lanes

From the recording Two Lanes

Written by Jim Oliver
Produced by Chris Cangeleri
Chris Cangeleri: guitars, bass, mandolin, vocals
Rich Coyle: piano
Eddie Quigg: drums


I’ve been riding up and down these roads
Asking everybody
But no one seems to know
How you’ve been or where you’ve gone
I heard a rumor you just moved on
The next time I hold you
I’m not gonna let you go.

Highway please take me there
Take me to your arms
I’ll go insane on these two lanes
Till you lead me right back to my baby’s arms.

You’ve always known about my ramblin’ ways
An I always promised
One of these days
That I’d be back, and back for good
Well baby there goes the neighborhood
It’s time to say goodbye to these two lanes.