1. Suburbia

From the recording Jim's Back Porch

Written by Jim Oliver & Chris Cangeleri
Produced by Tom "Peck" Pecoraro
Recorded at Peckland, Dix Hills, NY

Chris Cangeleri: Electric rhythm, Lead vocal
Jim Oliver: Acoustic rhythm
Tom "Peck" Pecoraro: Lead guitar
Craig Wehringer: Bass
Ben Greenspan: Drums
Mike Forst: B3 organ
Adele Cangeleri: Backing vocals
Jill Staats: Backing vocals


I don’t want no villa in France
I don’t want no thousand acre ranch
I don’t want no penthouse suite
Just give me a tree lined street in suburbia

A red brick house with a white picket fence
Not cutting your lawn is your only offense
Keeping up with Jones is oh so sweet
Living on that tree lined street, in suburbia

And I don’t need noone to tell me why
Cause I’ve got clean air and blue skies
And I know that I’ll be here till I die
Cause nobody’s got no chains on me
‘Cept the bank and the finance company

What I’ve got is a hundred feet square
An old oak tree and a few lawn chairs
So I can sit and drink iced tea
On my piece of the American dream
In suburbia.

And I don’t need no one to tell me why
Cause I’ve got clean air and blue skies
You may think the country is fine
But I know I’ll always have peace of mind
As long as my mortgage is paid on time.
In suburbia.

copyright 1985 by Chris Cangeleri and Jim M. Oliver