1. Common Man

From the recording Jim's Back Porch

Written by Jim Oliver & Chris Cangeleri
Produced by Rich DePaolo
Recorded at Peckland, Dix Hills, NY and Electric Wilburland, Ithaca, NY

Jim Oliver: Acoustic Guitar
Chris Cangeleri: Acoustic guitar, Mandolin, Lead & backing vocals
Rich Depaolo: Electric guitars
Craig Wehringer: Bass
Ben Greenspan: Drums
Mike Forst: B3 organ
Doug Robinson: backing vocals


Miles and miles of flatland
He’s got an open road ahead
Time’s his lone companion
Only shadows share his bed
Though distance can’t change memories,
He keeps moving right along
But no one picks his ass up
There aint no one’s heard his song
When he was singing

Whoa lord won’t you pray for me
Let my mind spend another day with me
I’ve been living on the fault line for so long
I’ve been hot & cold, I’ve been wet & dry
So do me one favor, don’t you ask me why
I’ve been living on the fault line for so long…..much too long

He was singing his songs in a honky tonk
When he beheld a beautiful sight
She was boots ‘n jeans, and broken dreams
She was a mirror of his life
Should he turn away, or find a way
To mend what time has torn
Well, he finished his song, bought her a drink
And they mended all night long
They were singing

Whoa lord……

I’ve always lived from day to day, it’s what I chose to do
Never tried to live up to anybody’s expectations but my own
There might be a better way, involves both me and you
I hope that I can live up to…..

So he married his lady, bought up some land
Started a family, and stuck to a plan
They depend on each other and god’s willing hand
And whoa, lord, it proves there’s hope
For the common man.

copyright 1995 by Oliver & Cangeleri