1. Fences

From the recording Jim's Back Porch

Written by Jim Oliver
Produced by Tom "Peck" Pecoraro
Jim Oliver: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Chris Cangeleri: Acoustic & electric rhythm guitars, Lead & backing vocals
Tom "Peck" Pecoraro: Lead guitar
Craig Wehringer: Bass
Ben Greenspan: Drums
Mike Forst: B3 Organ


Do you know the key that I gave to you?
So many years ago
Well I guess I won’t be needing it back
It don’t fit no more
You can try the door
But the show has closed,
It’s faded to black
Have you heard the noise, such a silent noise?
The sound of someone turning their back.

So I put up a fence here, and you put up a fence there.
And you don’t have to make believe that you’re sleeping
Cause what we have when we’re awake ain’t worth keeping
And you don’t have to lie no more to our best friends
Tell them we’re sorry, but sometimes the dream ends.

Why do we welcome the hot pursuit of forbidden fruit?
When the truth is right in front of our face
We just cast aside what we thought was pride
And revel in the thrill of the chase
Sacrificing more than we bargained for
The first of what we’ll see are mistakes.

Things don’t always turn out like they’re planned
Nothings etched in stone, try to understand.
Win or lose, we’re dealt another hand
Our darkest days are shown; our feet are where we land.

copyright 1995 by Jim Oliver