From the recording How Did I Lose You

Written by Jim Oliver
Produced by Chris Cangeleri
Chris Cangeleri: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Mark "Muggie Doo" Leach: Organ
Tom Huber: Drums


Every day I open my front door
Grab the news up of of my front lawn
Gasoline's up, portfolio's down
Yesterday my carburetor started making grumbling sounds

Crazy thing, no matter how bad it gets
It ain't as bad as my reality is
How did I lose you?

The other night I opened my front door
Looked around, it ain’t the same no more
Empty rooms where we used to be
You moved out and in moved misery

I lie awake at night just thinking
I need the answer to these questions

What it was I did and
What it was I didn’t do?
Tell me girl, how did I lose you?
When did you know?
When did you know we were through?
Tell me girl, how did I lose you?